Horrendous husband

I have been married for 18yrs.and I have a 16yr.old daughter. She is in std xi (college).She stays with my parents because my husband is not a good man. There has been a lot of verbal and physical violence fm.the very begining of my marriage. The day I conceived he demanded that I abort which I didnt so he struck me on my stomach in the hope that I wld abort the baby. Now since the last couple of mths he is harrassing my daughter and keeps telling her that everything he spends for her he is maintaining records and as soon as she starts to earn he will take back the money fm.her and also she must find her own accomodations too as she isnt welcome in his home. She has come to stay with us for 2 mths as it is holiday time in college and daily he picks up fights mainly with her. My husband is a marine engineer with a very good salary. Before marriage I was working too, which he made me stop and he has never liked the idea of me doing a job or being financially independent. The house we live in is inherited fm.my f.i.l He also inherited a chunk of shares fm.my f.i.l. My m.i.l lives separate. I want to know as to what is my and my daughter's legal right on my husband's home and cash assets. I stayed on in the marriage only because of financial stability and also because he wld keep threatening me with consequences.