Need divorce from a torturing wife

Dear sir, My name is Mohan. I am working in pondicherry university as Lecturer. My wife whom i married 4 months back is working in bangalore as lecturer. My house is in Chennai. My wife and I meet either in my house or in her house in weekends. Though we had been married for 4 months, we would have lived together for just 10 days. These 10 days was like living in hell. I have dont my ph.d. and a very soft spoken man . I hesitate 100 times before speaking my mind or talking roughly with any people. But on the other hand my wife she is a person very outspoken and is hungry for any kind of confrontation with anybody. Right from the honeymoon she started harassing me.She started talking bad about my parents , sister, brother in law and their children. She dont respect anyone. She even locked my suitcase in honeymoon hotel and did not give my clothes to wear. She shouts in front of everyone. Before marriage she told that she will leave her job and come to stay with me. But now she wants me to find a job in bangalore and stay with her. One day she has beaten me very badly that I had bruises all over my body. She always insults and makes fun of my private parts and is always sex hungry. She has thyroid and BP of which she disclosed after marriage only though thats not a problem now. May be because of BP she shouts a lot. She always fights, fights and fights. Her tone always bossy and wants me to be her slave. she looks very ugly and stinks a lot. My 75 yr old mom does all the work at home and gives her coffee and food in her hand. she doesn't even care to help her. I really dont want to live with her.Please save me from her. what should i do now. we didnt get even a safety pin as dowry from her. She literally brought NOTHING to my home when she came. People are saying that if I file for divorce she will falsely put dowry case on me. How to stop this wrong accusation. please advice.