which sections of IPC are applicable against GOVT. officers

Central vigilance commission directed investigation into false claims of allowances to the Ministry of Railways, which in turn directed General Manager Central Railway to investigate, who in turn directed Divisional Railway Manager of Mumbai division of Central Railway to investigate. But for approximately last one year, Divisional Railway Manager Mumbai has shielded the employee against whom complaint was made, and till date no investigation has been ordered. May I please be guided: by not exercising his powers to investigate and shielding accused employee, the Divisional Railway Manager has violated which sections of Indian penal code. Whether, Central administrative Tribunal can intervene and order Divisional Railway Manager to execute the administrative orders which has come to him from higher authorities i.e. General Manager Central Railway/Ministry of Railways. Whether, a writ petition can be filed for getting the necessary actions to be initiated. In which court, such a writ petition can be filed?