Can lessor lock the rented premises?

I rented a floor for commercial purposes. Due to non payment of rent the landlord has changed the locks to the premises and won't even accept my calls or return my emails. I have even told him that I had a family emergency so I couldn't go to him to pay the rent ( however he had taken a 1 lakh advance from me so he could have deducted the rent from that) .The business which I was running was also put on hold due to this emergency. I have been telling him for months now that I am willing to pay any arrears and I just want to vacate the premises to which he has threatened to make it difficult for me because I made him difficult for him earlier. Now he has just locked the shutters and he won't return my calls or reply to my messages. I have even sent a letter by post telling him that I wish to resolve this and I am willing to pay the arrears otherwise I will have to take legal action. He has caused me so much inconvenience. Please tell me how I should proceed further with this problem. Much appreciated.