I have got arranged marriage on June 2012. My husband has selected me after refusing many girls. My Husband is working & living out of station. He told me that he is in contract period with his job so after marriage, I'll have to live in my in-laws-house for some time. I am also working in a private company & was living with my in-laws. Although I belong to a middle class family, my father has spent all his investments & savings in my marriage. He has given all households thing, cash and gold too & did everything as per my in-laws options. After 3-4 month of marriage, I realized that my husband is not paying quite attention on me. Whenever I make a call to him, he always ignored it meanwhile he talked with his mom & others. He had stopped to come at his home. Often he used to say that I am not eligible for him. To save my married life, i asked my in-laws to send me with my husband for living together. But my husband was not interested & he had conveyance his family by making many excuses. Whenever i requested, he made excuses & did not let me come with him. I had doubt on all this but also had trust on my husband, hence silenced. In 2013, my husband accepted before me & his family that he has relationship with a Muslim girl since 7 years. He has asked me to take money & leave him. He doesn’t want to live with me anymore. My in-laws were already not accepted me as they wanted their son get marry with a rich girl. They were always taunting me that another girl brought more dowry. They said they will make my second marriage. On January 2014, I went to my husband’s place with my mother. He was then in his factory. Knowing this he had not come to his room till 1 week. We were alone in his city. My husband has always threatened me that he will kill me & kill himself if I will live with him. On July 2014, he compelled me to sign on the mutual consent divorce papers of Hindu marriage act & gave me Cheque of Rs. 2 lacs. Our application was filed in district court. We were told that only one lawyer is enough to do all this. His lawyer had given a hearing date after 6 months. Besides this, I & my family were making efforts to settle the matter as we did not want the divorce. But my husband & in-laws had not responded positively. It seems that they got an excuse to leave me. On January 2015, I have filed an application before hearing date to cancel the case. On hearing date, my husband was absent & the magistrate has cancelled our divorce application. I got the original order copy & our case has been dismissed. Then my husband has sent me a notice through his lawyer that this is wrong decision & one sided decision can’t be done in mutual consent divorce. He wants me to take my application back & take divorce by taking balance amount. My husband & his family are not taking any interest to listen a word. My in-laws are saying that if I would go to their home, they will kill me. They don’t want me to enter in their home. My husband is not letting me live with him. How long I will stay at a rental house. I am surviving my life by doing my same private job. I always feel bad that my husband & his family have played with me as a toy. Why did he get marry with me if he had to do this? He has made me a machine for trial. Is he free to do anything as we are poor people? He has made a marriage ashamed. I want justice for me. Now what should I do that if he accept me or he & his family be punished to learn a lesson, so that another girl may not face the same accident in her life.