property related dispute

hi, first of all thanks all of u sir, to introduce such wonderful and helpful service for a comman indian, sir my issue is : sir we have a parental property in ajmer city , beside that our uncle and my dad had jointly had purchased an another property adjoining to that parental one, now 1 of our uncle had accuired that newly bought one entirely from last 7-8 years without any legal documentation with other brothers, and now after after my grand parents death during the property distribution he said, that i had taken that( the new one) area and rest 3 brothers distribute the parental property among them(which we don't want), we want that the parental property to be distribute among the 4 all, as well as the newly bought property too. which he denied and rest 2 other uncles are also agreed with him too, and we had appose this ? ( as the old parental prop is rectangular size and with no separate road, where as the new bought prop has separate road and its square in shape too) plz suggest we want to make a legal case, and demand the right in the newly bought property as wall as in the parental too. we want separately distribution in both property cuz beside 4 son of my grand pa their are 4 daughters too. sir, 1 of my friend had told that in parental property right of grand son's is greater then the son's? is that true? if yes how can we take advantage of that as my father is the elder one of all brother and sisters , and i m the elder one in the next generation.????? regards sandeep