Married in 2012 staying at Kolkata. Spouse had issues prior to the marriage with everything related to my family, friends, finances, me. She took up a job in 2013 and has been living separated thereafter despite my effort to reconcile differences. Her parents added fuel to fire and were of the opinion this marriage should not have been. My repeated request to patch up went unheeded. Finally had chance to meet up and had an outing where she conceived. 06 Weeks into the pregnancy she started pressurised me to relocate to Delhi. She failed to see reason and had an abortion by the time I acceded to her demand. Finally she said she wanted a divorce and after repeated discussions a divorce for mutual consent filed at the court in Aug 2014. Post 06 months period a day prior to the court hearing she changed her mind and said she wanted to give the realtionship a try and she refused to sign the petition. As because she did not provide the Marriage Certificate(Marriage was not registered) the court provided another date. Currently she is refusing to appear in court on the scheduled date. As informed by my lawyer this petition for divorce by mutual consent shall be set aside. Please advise on further course of action.