Adverse Police Verification Status

Sir, I applied for reissue of passport normal in way after expiry of old passport in the month of May2015. My passport is approved with post police verification. I have received the pass port in 2 days and appeared in the near police station for police verification. I have provided adhaar card and my rental agreement as documents. But police asked about travel in last 2 years after coming to this address. I was in Turkey for 6 months in 2014. He has recorded it and asked to give the xerox of pages of departure and entry of the pages. he mentioned during the discussion you were not there in India for 6 months last year. I said yes, but my residence not changed and whole family was here. He said it is ok. I asked any thing to be done from myside he said its ok. Now I received an SMS that police has submitted adverse police verification for the present address. No action mentioned in SMS what should I do now. Do I need to contact passport office or police station. What is the problem? Please guide me how to go ahead.Thank you.