company denying relieving and option to buy out notice period

I resigned from my company abruptly. On my last working day, I gave out my resignation to my manager and the director to the department via email but NOT in person. In my resignation, I mentioned that I will not be able to go through the notice period. Afterwards, I stopped going to work and there was no communication for the next 6 days. I sent an email on the 7th day asking for the status of my relieving and since then I have been getting nothing but BS. At this point they have even stopped responding back to me. One important section that I have mentioned below from my appointment letter. “Your services can be terminated by the company by giving you two months’ notice period in writing or salary equivalent to two months in lieu of notice period. Similarly , you may resign from the company by giving two months’ notice in writing. However, the option to relieve you of your services before completion of two months’ notice period shall rest with the company subject to adjustment of salary & allowance in lieu of the shortfall in the notice period” Does this section imply that the company decides whether I can buy out the notice period or not because when I left the company , I left my one and a half months of salary behind with the intention of buying out the notice period. Now the company won’t even let me buy the notice period and my salary got blocked as well. As per their final decision they have decided not to provide my relieving to me. Can they do that even though i insist on buying the notice period ? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks