Cancelation of un conditional gift settlement

Dear Sir, my husband is gave the house that we are residing now as gift settlement (unconditional) and cancelled it after 6 six months. the gift was registered and the EC showed by name too. i gave the relevant forms for change of name in the tax office and was waiting for the name transfer order to pay the tax. the house was given as settlement in june and the name transfer order was sanctioned in sep and the cancellation was done in dec by paying the property tax in his name. some malpractice should be done in the tax office and registar office i believe. i have filed writ petition in high court praying to null and void the cancellation. the respondents are my husband / the commissioner and the registrar. only the commissioner has filed some papers that i am not aware and the registrar and my husband has not given any reply to the court. the case is pending in high court. i have two school going children and they are with me. this guy has illegal contact with a married women who has 10 year boy child. he has filed divorce petition. my lawyer says wait for the summer vacation to be over and let us take up the case once good judge comes to position. please explain should i wait for the good judge to take up the case as i feel there is no point in waiting as such. in the tax office my name remains and i have paid the tax last year and this year too. please advise me how i should go about. thanks and regards.