I am in serious trouble (498a/dv)

Hi all, Got married for 3 years, from the beginning wife and her family members are not respecting me.latter only i came to know that they are behaving like this because of these laws(498a/dv/child/..) To them its like Do what i say or suffer. really its a mental torture we are living separately only.She don't want my parents to come and also i should not take my kid to them.This is the problem. wife ran away two times with my kid without telling me.Now wife and my kid is with her parents place. Still no case is filed but i cant believe these people.They got no value for family.One time one of her family member openly said that he will false case against me.i am in a helpless situation. How i can proceed now ? I want to come out from this mess 1.RCR ? (they will file 498a/dv...) 2.Mutual Consent Divorce (Will it work ? becaus def they will file all the cases on me and they will ask huge amount) 3.i am planing to have a talk with them, i am sure they will put a lot of condition,even if i take her back also definitely i cant believe them.The same thing will happen again 4.Fight 498a and come out of mess ? 5.If 498a or dv proven false , is it possible to get child custody ? 6.I am sure they have to tell lot of lies but definitely they can't prove with evidence.I heard in most of the cases judges dismiss the case by telling "lack of evidence " is it true ? If it "lack of evidence" then fight is not work right ? Please suggest on this , i am completely helpless