I have been married on 18th Feb 2018 and since then I was beaten up and abused by my husband on smaller mistakes. One day I called the police so he gets firm to give me divorce as I called the cops and his respect got down in front of family and neighbors. I begged apology and stayed in his house with his permission. We lost our child in Oct'18 due to his carelessness. Now after 10-11 months he used to torture me regarding previous things and play as a victim, abuses my family members and have started beating me on mistakes, passing taunts, making fun in front of family members (even younger ones), do not spend time with me, goes on holidays and trips alone, do not spend a penny on me neither goes with me for any personal work of mine. So I have decided to divorce him but i am concerned about entitlemnet as he used to threaten me that working wife does not get any amount and i am working in private firm at 30,000 per month but it is not permanent. This is my 4th job after marriage, i am not able to do any job for more than 4-5 months due to mental torture and tension. Please guide me how can I proceed and have the amount spend in my marriage (Dowry+Expenses of my father) back from him. Also I need monthly maintenance from him, so what can be the further step for that? Please note that he is a government officer and earning 84,000 salary in Ministry of defense, Delhi and also owns a house in greater noida which he has purchased recently.