sale deed cancellation

I got sale deed registered of agriculture land 6 months back by paying 25% of the total cost by cheque and 20% by cash and remaining by pdc by mentioning that seller has to provide 30th ft road to the property . After registration I came to know that someone has put a case I preponderance the January cheque in Nov 2014 on an assurance from sellers that they will settle the case and buy the land for the road. they neither did anything.4 cheques in Jan were bounced in spite of repeatedly telling them to present the cheques after fulfilling the specific performance. The case was settled 2 months back, however they are not ready to provide the road as it was jointly inname of their uncle who is not willing because of their family disputes..In between on and of I have paid 50 like in cash again from the assurance from the seller to settle things within the family.i have recorded the whole audio conversation as proof in mobile. Till now nothing has been done from 2 months, to my surprise 2 days back I got a legal notice from their advocate for temporary injunction and cancellation of the sale deed for cheque bounce reason . I have responded through my law er that I am ready for the full settlement immediately once the road of 30th is registered, for which they said now they are in a position to provide road and wanted cancellation. They already spoken to land mafia persons for selling higher price now. My question is 1. I am ready to pay through the court the bounced cheque amount as long as I get the road as they promised. 2.can they cancel the sale deed only on the basis of bouncing back of 4 cheques stating that they can't fulfill the promise of providing road because of their problems? 3. How can I recover the cash amount paid not shown in sale deed but it is present in the agreement and audio recordings.. Please advice