To get proper share of my father's properties.

My father expired in 1999, leaving behind my mother, three daughters and three sons. I am the youngest son. Immediately after that my sisters withdraw their claims from inheriting their paternal property. Since then my eldest brother used to manage our joint property consisting of my about 32-35 bighas of multi crop cultivable land. The other sources of income is rent obtained from a joint property with our uncles which amounts to ~30-35 thousand per year. In the year 2013 we got mutually separated (Verbally, not in papers). In between, my mother expired. We had one joint house in the town of Burdwan and some shops. We jointly sold them only very recently. The house was given to tenants for quite a long time. I used to stay away from my family in my own house in Chandannagar because of my service in Kolkata and never took any help from my family. After mutual separation I asked my share from the earnings received from the rent of the house, and advertisement and also share of Rs 2,10,000.00 received from leasing of shops. I was also not given any share from the earnings from cultivation. When I demanded the share I was told at the time of partition the joint fund of the family is nil and so nothing is outstanding as my share. So far I believed my eldest brother and used to sign all papers given to me but now he bluntly refuses to pay me any share. Under these circumstances I seek your valuable opinion to help me to get my proper claim from my brother. I shall be only happy to provide you detailed clarification for your kind perusal. Kindly help me to obtain my share of my paternal property. Dr. Someswar Datta