Passport for my daughter

Gudmrng sir, myself Anjali from Pune.i have a valid passport.i have a daughter who is born out of father absconded as soon as he came to know I was pregnant.we dint get married or any legal actually happend when I was in my my child is 9 yrs old.coz of my parents pressure,I agreed for a marriage who was ready to accept both me n my child.he s in dubai.we got married 3 months ago.i wanted my daughters passport.i got appointment n submitted her documents.the passport granting officer told me that I need to come n submit annexure c after police verification.police had cm for verification n called me to the they r telling tat I can't apply for her passport as a single parent n since am married now,my husband has to sign all documents n that they r going to cancel her application.i tried to make them understand tat the child's father whose name is in birth certificate,has not even seen the child n dnt even knw wer he iam applying for her passport as a single parent.but still they r arguing tat I told lie tat am single parent but since am married now,my husband has to sign n his name should be in fathers column.sir plz let me know the legal law n the right I wrong?or I was suppose to keep my husband name in her passport application where her birth certificate has some other name?plz do tel me what answer I need to give in police station.if they cancel her passport then she wil loose her education for 1 year as I have already taken TC n have to take admission there in dubai within June 2nd week.plz help me.