school fee related

Dear Sir ,we are parent of Royal international school Dombivli. The school initially told us that the fee of student will be 20000 till 4th std when we toll admission in jr.Kg then it will increase by 10-15 % .But when our wards pass school gave a circular stating the fee will be 26000/-Pa .We parent told them that the hike in fee should be pass in PTA meeting .But as no such PAT is exists in the school first form PTA then take the approval of PTA body and then increase the fee.we given two letters to school but school not responded in written to us about the PTA and fee hike approval in PTA..We parents gave the complaint to Education dept. on date 15.04.2015 Thane for this but no report yet came .Then again we send one reminder to education dept. on 22.04.2015 but still till date i.e. 15.05.2015 not reply we received yet from education dept. We also send our complaint to Dy.Director of Education on 06.05.2015 and Hon.Education minister on 06.05.15 but still awaited for the response. Meanwhile we send the two months fee amount as per old structure to school by register AD as school not accepted out cheques for 1 std.Fee but that register ad also returned back by the school. Now school is claiming that they will not admit our ward in school as the seats are full. My question is 1)As the entry point of our school is Nursery / from which our wards are studying in school. 2) Our ward attended 15 days of std 1 st in same school in April 2015. 3) school management not responded our written complaint by any reply letter . 4) The complaint is under inquiry by education dept . can school deny to admit our ward. also I want to know is the fee regulation act is applicable to pre primary also as in definition of school they mentioned pre-primary also. and our school not yet got the any CBSC affiliation still they mentioning CBSC on every document which is misleading act can school do it ? please reply to [deleted] as our parent are very much under tension as ward admission is denied by school. SVG