about 420 act

I paid a company Rs 182400/- in order to purchase goods as i am a distributor of different companies. The agreement was made under guwahati jurisdiction which is around 400 km away from my place of business i.e Silchar. its been around two months that the company is giving me several dates to have sent ordered goods but till now I have not received any goods. when the company is contacted they say that the nxt day goods will be sent. But today they have said that they cant supply me goods as the rate has been increased to the double of the previous price rate which I know that they are be fooling me. I paid Rs in four installments (119880+18600+13920+30000) the first two were paid in guwahati against which they had issued me Sale Invoice. After I came to Silchar , they again requested me to pay more . accordingly I paid all these from my C.C a/c through cheque. when I paid last amount i.e 30000/- , I requested them to give me a cheque of the same amount I paid them . They issued me cheque from savings account the drawee branch of which is in guwahati. Now I am in danger as I had taken the loan from SBI against my land mortgage . So please suggest me how to recover my money from that cheater Company. Thanking You Jahar Chakraborty ( Munna ) Silchar