How can I get a chance to again continue my life with my husband

I got married 11 months ago in India. My husband works in sydney, australia and has got his citizenship there and in india. I'm a housewife. My spouse visa is still under process. Don't know will I be getting it or my husband will stop it from getting granted. I had a affair before marriage. My marriage was fine for sometime then I got blackmails from my ex. Then to calm the blackmails I started to talk and chat with my ex. But during the period I have shown all the love my husband is righteous of from me and fulfilled all my responsibilities related to my marriage. But my husband doubts me and took the chat history behind me of both the existing and before marriage times. Now he says he can't accept me after knowing about what I have done. I pleaded him a lot I send him mails stating why I have to continue chatting with my ex and requesting for a chance to normalise our relation. But he said he can't. He and his parents are not talking to me or my parents. We don't know what they are doing or thinking to do. Can you please reply me with what I can do to have a happy life like before with my husband. I really love him and I won't be marrying anyone again in my life. Please tell me the legal proceedings if any can save my marriage.