Rent while vacating house

I have given 45 days notice to my landlord for vacating the house and the 45 days are getting over on 18th of this month, when I'm planning to vacate. I'm ready to pay him broken period rent till 18th APril however he is insiting to pay the rent for the entire month citingthe rent agreement. on reading the rent agreement, I could not find any clause as such. He is not asking to go to lawyer/court in case of any difference of opinion.I'm pasting the terms of our rent agreement for the reference. pls suggest what shall i do. IT IS MUTUALLY_ AGREED BETWEEN THE PARTIES AS FOLLOWS: 1. The monthly rent is fixed as Rs.12,250-(Rupees Twelve thousand two hundred and fifty only) per month to the Portion occupied by the Tenant. 2. The Party of the Second part agrees to pay a sum of Rs.1,00,000l- (Rupees One lakh only) as Security Deposit to the Party of the First Part. The Flat Owner will acknowledge the same through a receipt. 3. The Tenancy is commencing from 1 July 2012, the period of Tenancy is Eleven (11) Months and the same shall be extended at the option of both the Parties for further period. 4. The Tenancy is calculated according to the English Calendar Month and the Rent of a month is payable on or before 5th day of every succeeding month. The Rent is exclusive of Electricity Charges and Maintenance Charges. 5. Monthly Maintenance Charge of Rs.250/- (Rs.Two hundred and fifty Only) is payable by the TENANT to the Association. 6. The Tenant shall not let out the portion to anyone else without the written Consent of the FLAT OWNER. 7. The Tenant shall not use the Portion for purpose other than it has been let out. 8. If the Party of the First Part requires the Portion under the occupation of the Party or if the Party of the Second Part wants to vacate the Portion, there shall be 45 days notice on either side. - 3 - - 3 - 9. The Party of the First Part shall pay regularly the Property Tax, Water & Sewerage Tax and other local body authority's charges for the Rental Portion. 10. If the Party of the Second Part fails to pay 2 (TWO) Months Rent Consecutively it will amount to willful default and the Party of the First Part is entitled for an eviction of the Party of the Second Part. 11. The Party of the Second Part shall not create any problems and do no damage to the Property. 12. The Party of the First Part shall keep the Portion in good condition. 13. The Party of the Second Part hereby undertakes that he shall deliver the Vacant possession of the premises at the time termination of the Tenancy in good condition to the Fiat Owner and if any damage is caused by the Tenant , that amount will be deducted from the Security Deposit. 14. The Party of the Second Part shall not make any alternation in the Portion except interior arrangements. 15. The Party of the Second Party shall permit the FLAT OWNER or their authorised agent to inspect the Premises at all reasonable times. 16. The Party of the Second Part shall not carry any illegal business in the let out Portion. 17. The Party of the Second Party shall not keep any explosive materials and burned goods in the Premises let out to him. 18. The Security Deposit shall be refunded free of interest by the Party of the First Party to the Party of the Second Part on vacating the Premises or at the termination of the Tenancy, after deducting dues and balance if any. 19. The Tenant agrees to service the Air Conditioner & Chimney installed at the premises on a quarterly basis, wash the premises weekly and do de-grease the kitchen cabinet and cooking hood daily to prevent accumulation of grease in the kitchen. 20. The items / material listed in the Annexure “A” was handed over to the tenant with good working condition at the rented premises. The Tenant agrees to keep the same and return them in good working condition.