stock taken

Respected mam/sir please advice me i need urgent please advice me i m company employee of a MNC Japanese based they have not give me any appointment letter or thing which i signed i only signed on joining formalities and pf form but now they harassing me for the stock stolen in the depot i m based in jammu and depot is in Chandigarh. they forcefully billed in jammu and after parties refusing the stock and stock also laying in transport in earlier i have did mistake i took the stock and sold and money deposited in company account whatever billing happen, and deposit in company account now parties account and company account are nil but they harnessing me, and doing fake voucher that i recived these stock by hand or instruction by me but by hand i was in jammu i m ready to check or give my call details or location they dont have any signed by me i m tooking stock or other thing i m only went chandigarh on 1st of every month for meeting but they told i recived the stock on other date please sir suggest me my life was distrub very badly ,they harrinsing me and giving several police station complaint in chandigarh i m everyday go to chandigarh i m not able to go when ever they want redgs manish jain