Name change in cbse certificates x & xii

My son's name in the CBSE certificate starts with initial alphabet form "T" which I want to be shown in expanded form. . Now I want this initial " T " in expanded form to be incorporated in the CBSE certificate. I have completed the legal formalities ie affidavit, newspaper publication and gazette. My son passed out Xth class in 2012 and awaiting 2015 Class XII results . Till February 2015 CBSE was accepting the direct applications for change of name in CBSE certificates, but now it has stopped this practice. When I approached CBSE. New Delhi office personally for submitting the application with required documents, CBSE office has refused to accept any application and advised verbally, to come through court. To make this change in certificate CBSE personally, I was informed to come through court. CBSE has issued officer order No.CBSE/CP/PS/2015 dated 16th Feb.2015 changing the rules for name/surname change. The relevant last para is as under: " Section III: Rules regarding change in Name or Surname of a candidate. Applications regarding changes in names or surnames of candidates may be granted, provided the changes have been admitted by the Court of Law and notified in the Govt. Gazette before the publication of the results of the candidates." According to this Please advise I) whether I can go through court as the results of XIIth Board have not been announced. ii) How much time would be required to get the matter admitted in the court iii)The court is going to be closed for vacation from June and the time is short for doing this formality. iii) Can this matter be completed even after results are out. iii) What would be the total fee/expenditure for this.