Tried to sell pirated video lectures

Hello sir, I need a legal advice. Yesterday i posted an advertising on olx to sell video lectures of gate (gate is engineering related exam ) of which was not mine. Also i didn't not have the lecturer i was only faking it. Anyway but i didn\'t mentioned anyone name on advertisements, i only wrote \" gate lectures video of reputed institute \" nothing else. Today i got a call from xxx (i gave him my number on olx chat) that and he just asked whose lectures and i said \"yyy\" (just name of a institute). Then he say i am from \"yyy\" team and i got the proof now and i will file a piracy complain against you. After then i didn\'t say anything to him and i just cut the phone. He was from same institute of which I was pretending to have lectures. Now sir i want to tell you that i didn\'t showed him any proof of video neither i told him over phone that i am selling \"yyy\" lectures nor i told him that i have \"yyy\" lecture, so they clearly will have no solid proof except that part of call which i mentioned above. And i also didn\'t sold the lectures to anybody nor i shared any pictures or any data of that lecture because i don't have the lecture i was only checking that who is interested. So i am asking you , that will i be in trouble if they file complaint against me in cyber police. Because i haven\'t sold that lectures to anyone. And also i do not have that lecture i was just telling lies that i have lecture. But they think that i have it because i only took their name on call. Please freely ask me if you need any more info. Sunny