how much alimony my wife can claim ?

Hello Lawyers, I had love marriage and been married for 3 yrs. Now we settling for mutual divorce dur to lot of issues. I earn 20k ou of which I pay rent 10k for my house for which I have rent agreement with me. .I have no property on my name. But there is property of my mother of her own.. My wife is now pregnant for 4 months which was unplanned and she only informed me about her pregnancy 3 months later as she hardly stays with me and spent months at her parents place often. Right from 1st day of our marriage she is a changed person she made me moved out of my parents’ house to rented place. My parents don’t support me anymore. She is well educated and before getting married she worked for yrs. But She left her Job in 3 months after our marriage and didn't want to work since, making it hard for me to meet our daily exp.. Now she is claim big amount for settlement beyond my capability and threatening to claim from my mothers property as well. Plz provide me guidance and information about what she can claim legally and how much will I have to pay to her for maintenance if I go to court for divorce instead of mutual divorce? Can she claim out of my mother’s property ?