parking law

My parents have a flat in cooperative housing society . Our society compound is very big and parking can be done on three sides of society . fourth side is garden . society has open garage and around 80 per of society members have been alloted garage on first come basis . there are 36 flats in societies . Members having second car ,they park in compound . My parents are old and they have added my name in flat , around 10 years back . After my marriage i have shifted to new house which is 5 minutes from my parents house . Every day night from 8 to 11 i am at my parent house, as we have dinner together and i bring my second car and park the same in society . Few society members , are asking rent on my second car . Is this legally right that if i come to my parents house every day for few hours , i have to pay rent for second car . Secondly in society they have no rules regarding parking and even visitors come and park there cars . To that extend that cars which are park in compound , have no definate parking . People park any where they like . please help me with that, society member have right to ask parking charge for my second car , as i come at night for 3 hours only and sometimes in day time i come to pick them and drop them back we stay in posh area definationation in suburbs .