Citations required

Case1: A father(X) died intestate in 1991 leaving behind a huge property that he acquired through his ancestors. He had one son, three daughters and his wife as four legal heirs. But the son made an arrangement with his sisters by telling them that he is badly in need of a loan and convinced them by promising(orally) to provide a property later and made a document in 1992 within 6 months of his fathers demise. The 1992 document states the son has given 10,000 rupees to each sister from their HUF funds and the sisters did not want to claim any immovable property and wished to let it vest with their brother, the fourth legal heir the wife of X also was given right to use the property of her husband till her death but the title ownership to be vested with her son. Now the daughters of X were not given any property as promised by their brother. Can they make a legal complaint and can you refer some citations that you feel are close this case. Case2: A lady became a widow in 1990 and she had a 4 year old kid(boy) there was no assets with the widow except some jewels and there was no assets in the name of the minor. Within 2 years period she remarried a person(X) and in 1993 that couple was blessed with a new kid(boy). All the four lived together as family and the ancestral properties of X were treated as the property of their HUF but there was no adoption certificate or registration especially for the first kids adoption. When X sold some extent of property the executors of the document were all the four members of the family since they lived as a HUF. Now whats the legal right of the lady's first son who was not the real son of X but was treated as a son on the ancestral properties of X. can you refer some citations that you feel are close this case.