Appln. for early hearing before delhi high court

1. i filed an appeal thru an adv against the order of conviction by a trial court in pc act. the basis of charges of conviction are u/s 7 of poc act and 120b only no charges framed u/s 13(1)(d) and 13 (2) of poc act but the charges against another is sec 7, 13(1)(d) 13(2) and 120b. 2. both these appeal were tagged with each other in the delhi high court my question a) whether should i file an application for early hearing and my plea is as per findings of the trial court itself that the complaint lodged is based on hearsay evidence that the washes sent to cfsl chem belongs to some other case as mentioned in the forwarding certificate of cbi auth. that the voice sent to cfsl phy belong to some other case as mentioned in the forwrd certicate that washes produced as that of mine and the colors when opened in court were milky white in color the fir registered by cbi does not contain my name verification was not conducted as per cbi manual mentioned at 8.8 fir registered on the basis of hearsay evidence inadmissible mistake committed by the trial court cannot be continued since delayed justice will ruin the life