RCR related question

Hi, my wife left my after 1.5 months of marriage (its been around 8 months now). after long time she sent me a notice from an NGO to attend a meeting to resolve family dispute (In these time span me and my mother had tried to call her and asked her to come back again and again, but she replied with utmost rude way, even to my mother). In that meeting she gave her written statement saying that I shouted on her in the bus, didn't bought a Saree and all kind of stupid stuff, as I know these are not a valid reasons to break up a marriage. Now she is asking for mutual divorce, but she is asking money (I knew from the beginning the moment she left me that she and this marriage is a fraud one), then only she will sign. Now I want to file a RCR. my question is: where should I file RCR, the place where I stay or the place where she is right now (she is in another state, in India)?? Points to remember: a. We married in a temple and signed their form which clearly said "NO" to dowry (hence no question of section 498A). b. We didn't had any physical relationship in that period of time when she was with me as she asked me some time to prepare mentally. c. She can not file a harassment case (a false one can be) as she did not even lived with me for a period of time in which, at least I can understand her properly intellectually (Also, I am not a mad person to harass anyone, also one can not harasser a women who has 2 elder sisters as he brought up with such cultures). d. She left the house, as her brother sent her a ticket. The most important question of all: 1. Will I get justice?? 2. Do every male has to give money to his wife even if there is no fault of his just because she is a women and he married to her, even if he is earning less then her?? 3. Are women are not capable of doing fraud?? Then why in every case a man has to suffer?? 4. Are all men are bad?? 5. Is it true that only women can file a case of mentally harassment on her husband?? Are men doesn't have mind or does men can not be harnessed mentally?? 6. When law says gender equality, then why in the case of divorce, it has a soft corner towards women?? Does a man is not supposed to get justices just because he is a male?? Please understand that I am in a deep pain, and that's why I wrote all these things. I grew up with 2 elder sisters, hence I understand their feelings and respect them a lot, that does not make me wrong!!