Faked insurance

Hello. I have an LLC and I recently changed my insurance. FMCSA requested the new insurance documents and gave us about 4 weeks to send them, so I contacted my insurance agent about 3 weeks ago. For 3 weeks they've been saying that they processed everything and send the information to FMCSA, but FMCSA hasn't received anything. After 3 weeks of arguing with them, one of the agents said that the person who made our insurance documents haven't created the insurance that we requested but instead did the limited version of it, which is insurance of our operations only in NY state. Since every document he send us said that the insurance works for every state, which we requested when we were choosing the insurance plan, it seems that he faked those documents. The same person who told us about this issue said that this is the reason why they are not able to send documents to FMCSA. My business is about to get closed since I don't have time to find a new insurance agent. Is there anything I can do about this?