False Case under Section 498A, 323, 506B and 3/4 Dowry Act

Dear Lawyer, I am a working professional staying in Delhi and originally belong to UP. I was married to a girl on 11 Dec 2013 from a village in the State of MP which was arranged by my parents. The marriage didn't go well and we had differences at mental level which was understandable due to the differences in our education levels. Before marriage my in-laws claimed that the girl in M.A in English however after marriage I was shocked to discover that she can't even read the newspaper properly. As I believe that there is no age to learn, I asked her to start studying but she refused and stated that she is perfect doesn't need any improvement. The situation went so bad that it was really tough to communicate with her. The interference of my my in-laws was adding to my ongoing trouble. It seemed that her IQ is relatively low and we both being very different persons can't live the entire life together. I talked to her about separation and after numerous discussions, she agreed (not sure if she really did) and we both were kind of working on the settlement amount. Suddenly out of no where on March 22, 2015, one of her four brothers and and three relatives/relatives arrived at the Delhi residence with local cops. I was not at home at that time so the cops called me on my cell and asked me to present at the police station. In no time I reached there only to find that they have a dowry complain against me. After listening to my side of the story the cops did not register any complain and asked them to leave. They left only to file the same complaint against me, my father and mother on March 27, 2015 at their local police station in Madhya Pradesh. My parents were granted bail on May 6, 2015 by the Gwalior High Court after a denial from the lower court. I am still on a run. I work in a private company and I'm not sure for how long I can keep my job without attending the office. A lot is at stake right now. Any advise that can help me is appreciated. Thanks in Advance!