Delay in PF settlement of my deceased father

My father was a bank manager but compulsorily retired 2 years before his death. He has a loan of 21 lacs on him but bank didn\'t made any attempts to recover his loan when he was alive. My father was neither trialled nor any other efforts were made by the bank to recover loan amount by him. But when he expired the bank didn\'t released his PF as it was only 12 lacs(less than the loan amount). Many has advised me that the bank can\'t ask me to pay the loan as I am the only legal heir and was minor when loan was taken. Now I am 22years but studying(unemployed). I filled a Civil Writ Petition(writ of mandamus), the bank is also not asking me to repay the loan but it\'s not giving me my father\'s PF. According to the CWP I had filled, it will take 4-5 years for the settlement but I want to know that what can be done for an early settlement. Is there any type of interim relief which I can avail or is there any other compensation which I can demand till the final settlement. Please guide me. I will be very much thankful fir your great help.