Right of daughter in mother's property

Dear Madam/Sir, I am Chanda Kumari got married in 2012. I and my younger sister living with mother. My mother is mentally sick and not able to any work normally. She have a 3 floors own building and land and building is registered in her name. We are one brothers and three sisters. My elder sister is living happy married life with her husband. In past we faced day to day problems with my brother and her wife. After that we took decision and we shifted with my mother and younger sister on 2nd floor and my brother with his wife is shifted to ground floor. My mother that time was not sick. Now she is sick and brother want to throw me and my sister with mom from my mother house. I want to know whether we are able to take equally right in mother property in case of her sickness or after her death. What is Hindu law saying in this case. Please suggest me. We are living a horror life with fy family due to my brother and his wife. My father also not supporting us and he is living in village where we have paternal property. Can we claim for paternal property. What to do and how to get justice in this case. Please suggest me in details and in step wise so that we can proceed legally. The mother's original home paper is with me and in safe condition.