Domestic violence

I am married for 2.5 years and have a girl baby who is 11 months old. Due to my mother in law and husbands abusement i have filed a domestic violence case against my husband. But now my husband is fine to look after me and kid with a condition asking me to take back the case and writing him in a bond paper that my family doesnt involve in any future matter between us. The reason, since i am the youngest daughter at home my parents call me and ask aboout my health and daily routines which my husband hated. I did not want to avoid my parents too.. So after i became pregnant my husband was stubborn that he will not send me to my mothers place for delivery. But i forcefully went to my mothers place. After delivery i got stroke which spoiled my entire family life. Me and my family is settled in bangalore. My husbands family is settled in Kerala. My husband workd in Bangalore. After marriage me and my husband set up home in bangalore by me taking loan. Now he wants me and my kid to go stay with his parents and he will be in bangalore. Also he is asking me to take back the case i have given against him and write letter and give? I really dont know what to do... im scared and bothered of my daughter... he is not giving me any money for kids maintainence. I am working from home as i have difficulty in walking. All my marriage jewels given by my parents and all my education certificates are with him. Please advice what best i can do to lead a better life with him as i dont want to make my kid fatherless?