What is the procedure to give the 'Right to Use' of my book to someone else for commercial purpose

Hi sir, I have recently written a book on 'How to trade in the Stock Market' for beginners which has been written in a graphical way with illustrations. I have got it copyrighted from the copyrights office in New Delhi and have the certificates of the same. It has not been published yet as since the book has been written in a graphical manner, I have transformed the book into a course that I used to conduct workshops and seminars with. Nothing has been changed and the course is same as the book. Now I have decided to lease out the 'Right to Use' of my course i.e. the contents of my book to others who m I shall charge some amount and they will have the right to use my material for their business to conduct workshops on the stock market. I was recently contacted a NRI from USA who wants to by the right to use of my book as a course material for their stock market workshop business. So I wanted to know the procedure to draw up such a contract that they cannot misuse my book in any way and can only conduct workshops using it and for no other purpose. Also as the person is in USA, how to get a signature on the contract that shall be binding for both the parties.I want this agreement for 5 years, so is their any tax implication? And if they default in some way, will my contract be powerful enough to take up a dispute and if so, in which state will it be enforceable?