Regarding 498A

I am a 28 years old woman married for last 2 years and we had a love marriage. I started facing trouble within 2 months of my marriage. My in laws who were staying with us at the time never liked me and started emotionally blackmailing mu husband to leave me. They started asking for money from my family to pay for the education loan and home loan of their younger son who was studying in USA then. They asked my family to provide a residential flat worth Rs 1. Crore and an Industrial Plot for my father in law to start the business. This was in addition to Rs. 25 Lac cash my father had given at the time of marriage and 60 lac that was spent on marriage (in form of jewelry and other gifts to my in laws and their relatives). After spending so much on marriage my family was not in position to meet any more demands so my mother in law tried poisoning me to kill me. After feeding me something my father in law and mother in law immediately fled to USA. Though I was saved but I suffered miscarriage because of that. Now my husband has sent me a divorce notice (mutual consent) on the grounds that we have been living separately for last 1.5 years but in reality we have been not been living separately. I still want to spend my life with my husband. Please guide what can be done as per law. Our lawyers are advising us to file case under section 498A and 406. What would be the implications. Would filing under 498A and 406 mean divorce? What is the way out as my in laws are not ready to come to table for discussions after many messages, email. They dont answer our phone calls or acknowledge any messages.