Domestic violence against men

Hi Team, I was into adultery and later I chose to stay with the second person that I had affair with, and now the divorce proceedings are going on with my ex wife and me, the person that I am living with now is also a divorce and has a kid, she is the one who has been helping me with divorce process with my ex wife, now I have been a victim of domestic violence with the partner that I am staying with, she always taunts me with my past in front of everyone, she has beaten me up and scratched my face and chest and punched me and slapped me in the face and chest several time, I would like to leave this person and lead a normal life, but she has proof of my previous affairs and relationships, she s threatening me that she will show it to the police and lodge a cheating complaint against me, she has also been telling that she will file a sexual harassment and sexual abuse case on me, she has held all my documents of education with her and everytime we have a fight she threatens me to end her life and threatens me about my family, she has avoided me to go to my family, throws me out of the house in odd times, I have taken help from her monetarily, she asked me to pay for it, but still she expect more money even though I have been paying all my salary to her, every time she threatens I feel afraid of going to police station, as indian police support women under harassment, where is the law for men here, please answer.