Physical presence of owners for sale of properties

I and my wife are joint owners of properties (flats) in Pune, which are on lease currently. We intend to bring closure to the lease agreements and sell off the properties. Given the fact that we cannot predict the time when we will get to sell each property, we may not be able to bring ourselves in Pune to sign the Registration document and other legal documents (if any) to complete the sale of each property. Questions I have: 1) What legal documents need physical presence of me and my wife for sale of each property? 2) Can we use my father, who lives in Kolkata, as POA for selling the properties in Pune? 3) If so, what do I and my wife have to do to register him as our POA to sell the properties in Pune? 4) What do my father has to do to get him registered as our POA to sell the properties in Pune? 5) Once POA is done and we get a buyer for any of the properties, what my father has to do to execute the POA to complete the sale? 6) What will be the approximate cost to create and register the POA in such a case? Thanks in advance!