Order a adult product from globel e comers site

I have ordered a sex toy from a global e commerce website without being aware that the item is in the prohibited items list. The shipment is in transit to Kolkata Airport Sorting office (reaches in next 15 days). I am afraid I'll receive a show cause notice from the Assistant Commissioner about this illegal importing as mentioned in this forums by people who had done this act before. What can do I now to avoid the said show cause notice ? Can I write through a lawyer to the Assistant Commissioner about the matter and say that I do not wish to import the shipment anymore and to confiscate or send it back to the sender as they seem fit ? or should I wait for the show cause notice and then counter it ? Is there anyway for me to request any authority between Kolkata Airport sorting office and Kolkata customs check to intercept the parcel and destroy/send it back to the sender before the parcel reaches the customs for inspection ? I am asking this question as I thought, declaring contents about the shipment beforehand and not claiming it anymore would be better than the customs examining it and finding it as an obscene material which leads to a show cause notice. I can't go in person to Kolkata and can only interact with the authorities only by mail & phone.