Dhana keraiyam query

There was a dhana keraiyam settlement from my mother to my name, done about a year ago. The property was bought in early 90's by my father in his earned money, who registered the land in my mother's name. In order for me to build a house for my retirement plan, we executed a dhana keraiyam settlement in early 2018 and house construction is also almost completed, house warming is also done with the blessings of parents, in a year's time and ready to be occupied in a months time. At this juncture, I had a petty family quarrel with my mother few days ago which escalated to a quarrel amongst all family members, as a result, my mother left our home in haste along with her brother to stay at his place. They abused and threatened me to stop the construction before they left home and they had complained to Police that we had sent her out of home, which is not true. My father, who is a senior citizen was summoned to the PS and enquiry was done and as a conclusion, father had agreed to ensure that there were no further family quarrels and ensured respectful treatment at home. Whilst this discussion concluded in the PS, my mother still lives in her brother's place and has also threatened our contractor to stop construction of the house else she had threatened that she will jump from the roof if construction doesn't stop. We have instructed the builder to cease the construction to avoid any unwanted incidents or damage to property. The house is being constructed solely with my savings, wife's contribution and a housing loan from my side without any help from parents. I have a strong feeling that my mother will raise a case on the registration which was done for the settlement to me, either by hook or crook upto an extent of mentioning that the land was given to me due to threatening. I'm simultaneously working with few family members and friends to douse the unwanted issue amicably. I'm looking for legal course and advice on what needs to be done if this escalates further.