moot court problem

moot court problem state v gupte and others gupte and sodhi were partner in rael estate business till 2010 when both separated and started their independent business in the same field catering northern region of india. after separation the professional as well as professional rivalry cropped up between the two. shodi was residing I chandighar with his family and his younger brother raj, wgo was practising as advocate in punjab and haryana high court . on 31st December , 2012 two persons kapil and keshav forcibly lodged sodhi in quallis vehicle while he was on morning walk and took towards himachal area. raj informed the police about the incident on the information of some eye witness and apprehended foul play by gupte who had been involved in the past in some gang wars.gupte residing in solan has also filed FIR dated 30th December 2012 against sodhi claiming danger to his life from sodhi's men. on 10th of January 2013 the sodhi brother raj received phone call from solan police that sodhi has been killed in police encounter at kasauli. raj filed writ in h.p high court it was revealed that keshav and kapil are in police department in solan .the police record showed that sodhi was arrested and kept in police custody upto 9th January 2013, when he is alleged to be freed by some goondas forcibly and was encountered to death on 10th January 2013. the post mortem report showed the death on 9th January with also some internal injuries. the police bullets hitting sodhi were found in post mortem. the h.p high court ordered the FIR to be filed against gupte and two police persons kapil and keshav