Sub: Case of Harassment with an intention to destroy the amicable relationship between Husband and wife Dear sir, The following points are for your kind perusal and urgent kind advice. i)My daughter recently married and is living happily with her husband (an IIT+IIM alumni) in Delhi because of her husband’s service in Delhi. ii)My daughter completed her Engineering from Nagpur. During her study period in Nagpur, one local boy from Nagpur befriended with my daughter and taking the advantage of her simplicity, took some photographs with my daughter. May be some chatting was done through Mobile apps between them. The boy, who is merely a graduate, assumed that my daughter will marry him one day. My daughter being a professional one does not have any intention to marry the boy since the match was an incompatible one and gradually it was revealed that the boy was a notorious one in Nagpur. However,no formal engagement through registry marriage was made between them. iii)Now this boy from Nagpur, post marriage of my daughter, somehow managed to get the Mobile no. of her husband and called her husband in Delhi and informing him of the association with her wife in Nagpur and disturbing her husband every day of the relationship the boy was having with her wife and even threatening to send the chat details and photograph to her husband. The motive is very clear and that is to destroy the relationship between my daughter and her husband. iv)Because of the above situation all of us in the family specifically my daughter are tensed and do not know what to do.It may be a possibility that her husband in due course of time may be suspicious of the character of her wife, if such continuous phone calling by the notorious boy is made, which may ultimately lead to the marital discord and divorce. v)My son in law wanted to file FIR and told me to file the FIR in Jamshedpur where myself live because my son I law may not be able to pursue the case due to his hectic office schedule. We are in a fix and cannot understand what to do.The phone call is from Nagpur to my son-in-law in Delhi and myself living in Jamshedpur(Jharkhand) that is in three different location. vi)We have thought of the following options: a)To file FIR. If that is so,in order to be legally tenable, from where the FIR to be lodged, From Delhi or Nagpur or Jamshedpur. b)To Fire the Nagpur boy over phone whenever he makes such calls(Although I know that he will not desist from calling) c)To close the Mobile connection of my Son in Law vii)Under the above situation pls. advise what will be the best option available to us to kill this matter once and for all.