Landlord creating excuses to return securing deposit

We are staying in Chennai in a rented house from past 6 years .we sent a legal.notice to our owner to come and settle security deposit .as he was trying to dodge the payment so we went through legal way and sent legal notice.howeber the legal notice could not be of much help as he is started to threaten us by saying that first we vacate and then o my he will pay.we are sure that he will make a huge deductions and hand over the balance money to us like beggers.whay could be the nest step¿?? Legal notice he didnt respond seriously.we don't want to file a recovery case as it will cost us a lot.what could be the next strict action against him .also he is asking us to vacate on the same day when he will give the money back no matter whatever amount.we can't vacate on same day as we don't want to fix a new house before we get our money back from.this owner.also not possible to find house in a day.owner says it is not his problem we will have to vacate in a day whenever he will give money back.leagl notice already sent.what cud b the next step.dont wanna file recovery case ....can I get police owner threatening to move us out