Harassment by wife

Dear Sir, in year 1997 i got married to my indian wife and we started living together in thailand,a daughter was born in year 2004, in 2007 my wife and daughter came to india for holidays, since then my wife refused to come back to thailand, the reason was she wanted to study 4 year course in order to obtain canadian visa, this all happened without my aggrement but in the interest of her and her family members. so she left our daughter with my parents and started studying and staying with her family members, recently she asked a power of attorney from me to be used to renew our daughter's passport which i gave her (specially mentioned) for the purpose of passport renewal only, once she got the power of attorney she took our dughter from my parents and brought her to her parents house and also obtained a document stating that our daugther is under her custody and she is the legal guardian. now she is threating my parents that she is going to file a case against us that my parents did not treat her well and i committed domestic violence ( which is not true) against her while she was staying in thailand, and also she will file a case against us to claim her part in our ancestral property and also she wants to live in may parents house and does not want to join me in thailand, my parents and my brother are living in that house. she has not been staying in my parents house since the time we got married, she has only been visiting our daughter and my parents took care of our daughter as well as all the schooling expenses (ofcourse supported by me). need your best advise on these matters: 1) what are the cases she can file against me and my parents. 2) does she has the right in our property ( which my father acquired from my grand father). 3) does she has the right to stay in our house where my parents and my brother is staying. (i have not been staying in that house since 1991). 4) what are my rights and what can i do stop this harassment to me and my parents. 5) me and my wife are not livng together since 2007. 6) how can i get back the custody of my daughter. 7) is it possible that my father can sell or thansfer the property to any one while there is a case against him filed by my wife to claim her share from that property. 8) does my wife has any rights or can take any legal actions if the property is sold or transferred while a pending case of claiming her share from that property. currently i'm still living in thailand and wiling to bring her back to thailand but she refuses, can she charge me of domestic violence which she is complaining happened in thailand 9 years ago. please need your help, i would really appreciate if we could talk over phone. Thank you so much.