Forceful Entry and Possession of a Senior Citizen Property

Dear Sir/Madam. This is an appeal to your department. I am seeking justice and I have no choice but to compel to write to your department directly. I have lost all faith in the laws of India. I seek immediate justice. Six months ago my daughter in law left my house on her own free will. My son and my daughter in law are battling a divorce case in court, the case has not yet been filed. This should give you some idea how corrupt the system is that a divorce case cannot even be filed in India today. Anyway, On April 27th at around 4pm my daughter-in-law broke into my house by breaking the locks she forcefully entered the house with both her parents and her brother. I was not at home at the time and they forcefully entered the house in my absence. They changed the locks of the house as well. I was informed about the break and entry incident at my house from my domestic helper who stays in the servant quarters right above my house. Instantly I dialled 100 and informed the police. I went to the Hauz Khas Police station to report an FIR but the officer in charge refused to file a case on the grounds of being a domestic issue. I reached my house and found 8-10 goons whom I have never seen before standing and guarding my house. After that I sent an SMS to the DCP asking him how should I go home?? Around 11pm in the night the ACP called to inform me that he cannot provide me any police protection. For that night I had to stay out of my own house and had to put up the night in my daughter's house in Green Park. The next day I reached home with the constables and saw that all my locks were broken and replaced with new locks and keys. I showed this to the police and they said it was legal for my daughter in law to gain forceful entry into my house and change the locks. The police still refuse to lodge an FRI complaint of forceful and illegal entry into a private property. On April 29th when I returned to my house a few men along with my daughter in law and her mother were sitting inside the house. I locked both my bedrooms as all my cash, jewellery was inside. I then left for the market. On my return I realised, my daughter-in-law had lodge a police complaint against me which was a false complaint. I called up the ACP and he asked me to lodge a complaint in writing which I did immediately. I am a senior citizen and this house belongs to me. I have to live out of the house in fear as the house is surrounded by goons under the control of my daughter in law and her parents. I can't live on my own property. Whenever I am home the daughter in law and her parents are abusive towards I and used physical violence against me and try to intimidate me so that I don't return back to the house. I seek immediate justice and would like to live in my property by asking the daughter in law and her parents and the hired goons to vacant the premises effective immediately. But the police refuse to help, the courts are closed until May 6th as there is a lawyers strike and then lawyers go for summer vacation for a month. So I am basically stranded. I am so sad living in Delhi and having my own property I am not able to live in my own house. The daughter in law and her parents have hired goons to keep me out of the house. What should I do? Where do I seek justice? Police is not ready to intervene and I am old and need immediate help to gain access to my property. Kindly help me in this regards Asap. Your's Sincerely, Meenakshi Jain D28 Panchsheel Enclave 1st Floor New Delhi India