About absconding

My name b ashwin i reside here in bangalore and i work in shopping malls like in stores(lifestyle,shoppers stop)etc.Im just a brand staff which is not under the management of either stores. I was working in polaroid sunglasses from past 6 months switching to shoppers stop to lifestyle in between as per advice of my manager.The company or brand which is so called polaroid issues appointment letter to its staffs only after 1 year of working.Now here after very difficult working of 6 months which is was due irresponsible managers both from brand and lifestyle ,they never send stocks of sunglasses when they do its to late after 3 months . Wherein in other brands they do in a week of time.So as the sale was too low and sale pressure was high from brand manager side.I decided to quit my brand job after 6 months when i came to know the situation.Now when i asked for resignation of my job with my manager after 6 months.He said the company policy allow to do a one month notice period which is not payable.He also said me he wont leave me to work in any other shopping malls.So hearing to this i just quit that day itself leaving my salary which is 9000 rs per month and my incentives also.So the brand has not given appointment letter which states its rules.My manager told me so that he wont let me work in any other shoppings malls simply because he can lie to other brand managers that i stole sunglasses from his brand.So that i dont get a job in other brands.So as when i quit my job i simply wrote a resignation letter in plain white sheet to my brand manager and lifestyle manager and gave the stock hand over to my lifestyle manager the day i quit.Now i had forgot to xerox my resignation and keep it with me so as to show when i enter a new brand.My fear is that how will i handle my brand manager if he says that i stole sunglasses.I had work so promptly and sincerely that he only gave me pain even when i helped him at times.So how can i handle the situation or go legally against him??.