498a girl want to come back

Hi, I am married in 2010, I have baby boy 2012 and my wife filed 498a in 2013 Jan. Till now the case status is in trail and now summons issue to her. However this Jan(2015) I filed divorce petition. After this she started saying that she is willing to rejoin. Recently in 498a court premises she created scene that she caught our legs and asking apologize me and my parents. Actually at the time of 498a they used their influence and manhandled me, my father and brother-in-law (sister husband) where I have been hurt. Cop left my father and brother-in-law with a deal that I should not commit to Judge that they hurt me. Keeping my family in mind I compromised. Now she is apologizing and saying that she was not aware of manhandling and it was done my her uncles (her father isnt there). She is saying that their family told her if she files 498a then I will come to her as she wish etc.. Need Guidance: 1. As per the way she apologize it seems like she changed but again I am just kind not expert to know her will. She says she is ready for anything in written or ready to accept her mistakes in front of Judge etc. 2. Even though today if I accept her I will loose my family and my relatives bcz they manhandled in 498a. 3. Does she have any legal grounds that tomorrow she can repeat the same or something more? 4. Even before at the time of family issues she apologize and again repeat the same. So I am unable to trust her. 5. I might surely gone with divorce if she hadnt reached me. Do I need to do the same or give her a chance with precautions? Please guide me in both legal wise risks and also moral rights.