Can I take legal actions against a neighbor intruding my privacy?

I'm 23 years old living alone in my flat in Mumbai and my neighbor who is very pokey, saw me and my girlfriend(age 24 yrs) in an intimate position from the window.She claims to have recorded us although it is nearly impossible to get a video that far.(My room is not that clearly visible,according to me). She came to my room along with the police threatening that she will file complaints .The police also seemed on her side,though she lacked any evidence, as they were ready to put me behind the bars. Also she was throwing blunt lies just to strengthen her claims and create a wrong image of me.The police weren't even ready to listen to us. She alleges me of uncivilized behavior and uses degrading abusive languages which created a lot of scene(like calling my girlfriend a prostitute).She also threatens that she will come next day to make things worse.This is really bothering me as this is an intrusion to my privacy and i feel that i am being constantly watched over. She is quite hampering my image and also causing unnecessary chaos. She is also giving threats of sending police to my house again. Please advice if I can take any legal actions against all this harassment and whether any legal charges can be held against me or my girlfriend? Thank you.