Challenging complecated case

Hi, I got married with 2nd wife (love marriage against her family) in Dec 2013 and after staying with me 10 days at Ahmedabad, her parents took her back to Mumbai (her native home) and never let us communicate then after and washed away her mind against me, claiming I'm not legally divorced with my 1st wife and cheated 2nd wife. Now the fact is : I got married with 1st wife on May 2009 and got divorced with her in May 2010 by customary divorce (which is prevalent in my cast Lohana, Hindu ) and registered the same on Rs 100 notary paper at sub registrar office. Never went to court for divorce as we didn't know the procedure. She got 2nd time married in Feb 2011 and settled in life having 3 month old baby now. Now I did love marriage with girl based in Mumbai and she ran away from her family to Ahmedabad with me and got married by Hindu customs & registered it. She stayed with me for 10 days and we spent almost Rs 3.5 lac for her jewellery / clothes etc. Meanwhile her auntie came to our home at Ahmedabad to meet us and took her back pretending to send her back within a week which never happened. Gradually they stopped our communication and filed for "void of marriage" after 1 yr in 2014 at family court @ Ahmedabad on the ground that I do not have divorce certificate from 1st wife. Now I came to know that I should have opted for court decree with 1st wife while getting divorced with her. Things in favor of me : * I have filed for "declaration of divorce" under section 7B with first wife @ Ahmedabad family court and prayed to court to give us divorce certificate as we got divorced in 2010 by customary way and registered the same at sub registrar office and now we both are 2nd time married to other parties. Also prayed to give us divorce from effect of May 2010 so that 2nd marriage is valid in our both cases. Hearing is pending. * When I got married with 2nd wife, I'd mentioned that I'm divorced and ticked "divorced" box in the form submitting for registration of marriage. Also produced divorce deed, so my intention was not to cheat anyone, but lack of knowledge to opt for divorce decree from court. * I have bills of Rs 3.5 lac I spent for 2nd wife while she stayed at my home @ Ahmedabad. They have alleged me that I got married with 2nd wife because of her money, and so many same typical non-sense allegations that girl's family is used to do now a days. Please help me what should I do now ? My intention is to get back my 2nd wife back legally. Regards, XYZ