Regarding theinjection order for road on akrama sakrama.

Hi, My neighbor sent injection notice to us for the road which on akrama-sakrama. This road is the only way to reach our home. It is about 100 meters long. My neighbor claiming that he made documents (RTC) for the akrama sakrama land, and he is planing to close road. Now he is filled injection order for that road. We have the clearly documented, measured by survey and in sketch this road is shown clearly. But neighbor is claiming that this road was not there at the time (2003-04), while he was applying for the akrama-sakrama. The road is open now. Can anyone hep me what we will do next. This road is need some repair. Otherwise vehicles are difficult to come on that road. Now he filed injection to avoid repairing the road. Is there any option in the court to repair that road. Also I dont know how he made documents for the akrama-sakrama including road. How to prove it is illegal. we were don't know he measured road also in his document. He made document 10 year back. Can anyone help me in prooving his akrama-sakrama illegal.