Custody of male baby of 16months age..

Dear Sir, I request you to kindly go through the following lines a bit carefully and bless me with the most appropriate answer. I have filed a civil case of divorce against my wife on 04.04.2015 and a very first court date is 07.05.2015. she is having my child with her and i/ my family members are eager to get the child custody. I wish to file the custody petition to the court on the points that:(1) Since birth, my child is feeding on market milk (Lactogen) only and she is enable enough to feed the baby with her breast milk, i have undergone for medical measure also but it did not work and for it i have the medical prescription also. (2). She & her family sides is almost poor and are living their life in hand to mouth condition. (3) From the very knowledge of mine that non of her family member is qualified beyond 10th or even 8th class, all male are working in a garage on the roadside,at govt. place and it has been removed by the local municipality many times. whereas as a father i am enough qualified and financially sound to present my child with a very dynamic career. and apart from all In the view of supreme court of India both male & female are supposed to get the same position in the society and father is the very natural guardian of a child. And if she is unable enough to feed the breast milk then i hope it does not make any difference that a child remain with father/ mother,depending upon ones background. So, kindly suggest me your view, whether it will be prudent to file the petition with these points?