Divorce case by husband under section13a i

My marriage was done on2may2015,it was arranged marriage and my father do all things for my marriage(hall, food, engagement, home equipments,gold ornaments, cloths n all)from day first of marriage my husband and his all family members torcherd,beat, isolate, tonting me for dowary, gold, vehicle.my husband (bhms doctor by occupation )also treat me very cruel manner,i bear all there torcher for my mother -father till1:5years, then i take help of woman mandal to sort out the matrimonial problem by good way. but inlaws not attend the meeting,5,6notice issued, after they came there but dont want to came back me to the home. then woman mandal suggest me to file dv case with the help of protection officer, from february 2017,the case still as it is. interim till not proceed. in between that my husband file pitition at his home town court as section9,which is 400km from my parental home. i attend all dates, mediations but husband is very cunning person not ready to take me home. states many conditions that noone can accept.from jan18 to jan19 he gave me and my parents lots of pain to go there and none happend, finally he withdraw the section 9case, and recently he filed divorce case against me as per section 13a(i).me and my parents now face very crucial situation. first date of case is 27march2019.please help me honourable sir/mam.